If a driver or passenger of another vehicle is injured by an Uber or Lyft driver in New Orleans, the injury victims would have a claim against the ride-share driver. However, the amount of coverage available will depend on whether the Uber or Lyft driver:

  • Is carrying a passenger;
  • Is going to pick up a new passenger;
  • Turned on the ride-share app and is waiting for a new passenger;
  • Has no passenger and has not yet turned on the ride-share app.

This distinction is very important because different amounts and types of coverages apply based upon which phase the ride-share driver is in. For example, if the driver has not turned on the ride-share app, the auto accident would be treated like any other car accident – the insurance coverage would be limited to the driver’s personal insurance coverage.

If the ride-share driver has the app activated and is waiting for a new rider, the contingent coverage may apply, with higher limits of $50,000.00 per person and $100,000.00 per accident in Louisiana. If the driver has a Lyft or Uber passenger in the vehicle or has accepted a rider and is picking up the rider, the $1,000,000.00 commercial coverage from Uber or Lyft will kick in.

A Lyft or Uber driver may not be honest about whether they had the ride-share app on at the time of the accident. It is very important to note that if you were injured in an accident with a driver who had a Lyft or Uber decal or sign in the vehicle, you should talk to your personal injury attorney. They may be able to obtain electronic records to determine whether or not the driver had the app on or the ride was active at the time of the accident.

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