If an attorney says there is “no fee if we don’t win your case”, this means that the attorney is representing you on a contingency basis. Contingency means that there is no cost to you until the case is won or the case is settled. Yes, that is right. Zero.

But I thought attorneys are expensive. This is a trick, right? Where is the small print?

In the United States, attorneys are able to charge contingency fees. The purpose of this is to give the people who need access to the legal system the ability to have an attorney on their side at no upfront cost; the attorney simply waits to get paid a percentage of the settlement, judgment or verdict.

OK, that sounds great, but what if something goes wrong? What if there is no settlement? Will I then get a bill?

I don’t know what other firms do, but if you are a client of the Darryl Breaux & Associates, the answer to this is NO.


At Darryl Breaux & Associates, we believe in our clients and in our cases. We consider taking on the representation of clients an investment in the clients and in ourselves. Many hours of work? No fee? Thousands in expenses? No bill. We do our best, with many years of experience representing victims in personal injury and wrongful death cases, to make sure that we have a good chance to get a good recovery for our clients. If there are problems, we will explain them in detail to the client. If there are too many problems, then, maybe, we wouldn’t take the case.

If Darryl Breaux & Associates accepts your case, you can be assured that we will put all our resources into getting the best result for you.

The time after an accident should be a time when you focus on you. Stressing about how your damages will be paid takes away from that. This is what we do at Darryl Breaux & Associates—we remove that stress and that worry from you to allow you to focus on your medical care and your family. The last thing Darryl Breaux & Associates wants is for you to worry about how to pay an attorney.