For some, owning and riding a motorcycle is a way of life – not just simply a form of transportation. However, this way of life can have serious consequences. Being involved in a motorcycle accident in Louisiana can often be very dangerous if not deadly. If you do ride a motorcycle and are involved in an accident in New Orleans, contact a Darryl Breaux & Associates for a free consultation to see what we can do for you. Here is a list of the top 8 most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Louisiana.

Left Turns The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is left turning motorists. Why it is so difficult for drivers to see a motorcycle when making a left turn has to do with all of the different things requiring the left turning motorist’s attention before and while making a left turn. Louisiana law states that a left turning motorist should exercise extreme caution when making left turns as left turns are more dangerous than other types of turns in Louisiana.

Unsafe lane changes are risky behaviors that cause major accidents and injuries.

Inexperienced driving is a common cause of motorcycle accidents in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. Whether it be you on your motorcycle, or a newly licensed automobile driver, take the time to educate yourself completely before entering the road.

Driving under the influence is a no go for any driver, but it can be even more dangerous if on a motorcycle. Since you have little protection surrounding you, getting hit by a drunk driver or operating your motorcycle while intoxicated can be extremely deadly.

Sudden stops are dangerous because they require those behind you to pay attention. While we hope motorists on the road are always paying attention, getting rear-ended in New Orleans can throw you off your bike and land you in ways that can cause some serious injuries.

Car doors are important to keep an eye out for because not every driver is looking before they open their door. While a person opening a car door into traffic will likely be at fault for a resultant accident, every motorcycle driver in New Orleans should drive defensively.

Motorcycle defects can cause unforeseen issues. Make sure you check your bike before you ride. Also, try to stay informed regarding any recalls that may affect you.

Inclement weather and dangerous road conditions can increase the likelihood of having an accident occur so make sure to drive defensively when the weather is bad which, as all of us Louisianans know, is often.

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