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If you or a loved one has been injured and is looking for a personal injury attorney in Louisiana, we know you not only need Expert Legal Advice and someone to Fight For What You Deserve, but also Personal Attention and Personal Care.

A personal injury lawsuit can be an extremely stressful and difficult process, so let our experienced personal injury legal team in New Orleans Get You What You Deserve!

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Darryl Breaux

Darryl M. Breaux is the founder of the law office of Darryl Breaux & Associates (DB&A). Darryl has lived in the New Orleans area his entire life and has been married for over 32 years. Darryl has two children, one of whom is an attorney at DB&A.
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Evan Breaux

A native of New Orleans, Evan Breaux is Darryl Breaux’s son. Since his youth, Evan has known that he wanted to be an attorney like his father, Darryl, and his maternal grandfather, the late Clifford P. de Laup, Jr.
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“Darryl Breaux and his staff are a pleasure to work with; they always answer the phone and they have always been there for me regardless of whether I had an open case with them. Quality service, prompt return phone calls, and great results are just a few things this satisfied client has to say about Darryl Breaux & Associates.”

– Lauren

"I would recommend the law office of Darryl Breaux Associates to anyone in need. These guys are great; they are always available to personally discuss my case with me and they get great results.”

– Michael